Free All Moroccan Prisoners of Conscience

Your highness the king

Morocco’s young belong in their universities not in your jail cells !

The Moroccan regime is scared of this new generation of activists who are calling things as they see them, with courage, conviction and are guided by their universal ideals and true patriotism.

They dream of a free and democratic nation where all citizens are treated equally in the eyes of the law. They want to build a nation that values hard work no matter who your father is. They want all their political leaders to be accountable to the people who put them in charge, and they want to see their powers limited to what the law grants them. They are calling for a constitution that is written by the people for the people. They want the abolition of the current absolute monarchy which interferes in every aspect of their lives. They are adamant that the monarch should have no executive power and should be subject to the rule of law. They want to see a total separation of powers and a stop to the corruption and cronyism that is widely spread among the royal family and their Makhzen gangs. They want the rights and the freedom we take for granted here in these United States,  and are willing to pay dearly for it.

For the last 9 years years and ever since the birth of their 20th of February movement in 2011, they were tortured, beaten and some were killed during their peaceful marches. Hundreds of them are currently still suffering in the regime’s filthy jail cells under fabricated charges. They were pulled out of their universities and were forbidden to continue their education and are constantly under the prying eyes of the regimes savage police apparatus.

I thank these young men and women for all their sacrifices to raise our national conscious and for freeing the older generation from the fear that was instilled in them during the rule of the deceased king Hassan II who ruled Morocco with an iron fist.

These young people had a good reason to peacefully revolt and demand real changes in the way the king’s non democratic regime runs their nation. Their elected representative failed them. Some of the journalist remained the state’s mouth piece that served the monarch’s lame propaganda that is out of sync with their dreams and aspirations, and those journalists who aligned themselves with the young freedom seekers were thrown in jail, the human rights organizations were silenced, the country’s judicial system remained corrupt and served as a tool to punish any form of dissent.

The king is the man accountable for all these atrocities. He looks the other way as if he has no knowledge of what is wrong with his regime and continues to shamelessly present himself as the country’s saint and savior. The world knows he’s the godfather of this criminal organization that ruled Morocco for centuries as if it is their family farm. He’s busy enriching himself through a network of holdings that are well protected and are above the reach of the law.

As far as the Moroccan political parties and so-called elected government, they are a mere facade to fool the world. They make up close to 40 political parties in a nation of 40 million people and none of these parties hold any power. Likewise, the so-called political leaders are nothing more than civil servants who follow the palace’s orders and guidance to distract the public opinion, and to keep the people busy with frivolous causes . The real power remains in the hands of the king and his college buddies who formed a powerful, behind the scenes, government of their own. His highness uses his mighty inheritance of privilege and power to controls all government branches including the press, the military, foreign policy, the economy, the powerful interior ministry, security, secret intelligence and religion.

He controls what the elected body says and does through his close advisers and a network of secret agents monitoring every area of the government and they keep a close eye on all outspoken Moroccans within and outside the country.

I’m proud of the thousands of young Moroccan peaceful political activists who will not rest until their dream for a free and just nation becomes a reality. Just like their grandfathers who fought and kicked the French colonialism out of our country. These young people will not stop until they abolish this centuries old dictatorship and place it in display as “Never Again” exhibit at the National History Museum .

Free All Prisoners of Conscience because Morocco is for all Moroccans.

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